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The future of social media is content creator owned. Today, it exists solely for the benefit of the platform itself - where content creators receive only a fraction of the value and revenue they create.

Your stars

Their moment


Glimpse allows any person to upload short videos of their life and sell it on our open marketplace in the form of an NFT. 


Company Overview

Social media personalities have loyal fan bases that consume their digital content daily. Glimpse allows these individuals to monetize select content they would otherwise share for free by tokenizing it in the form of a digitally unique NFT– creating a novel untapped revenue stream for content creators.

Creating and tokenizing Glimpses is an exciting way for content creators to better connect with their audience. By purchasing a Glimpse, a user now owns exclusive digital content that is guaranteed to be 100% unique, meaning no one else owns the Glimpse you purchased.

Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT

Users can collect as many Glimpses as they wish, and can choose to showcase them on any digital device, keep them in their personal collection, or re-sell them at a later date.

Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT

How It Works

Creating or purchasing a Glimpse is as easy as 1, 2, 3! No technological knowledge is required to use our platform – we’ve taken care of all that boring stuff.

Are you a seller? 

Step 1

A user uploads a short video of less than 60 seconds.

Step 2

Video is tokenized into an NFT as a

Step 3

User lists the Glimpse for sale on our marketplace

Are you a collector? 

Step 1

Feed is populated by data driven content stream

Step 2

Users can bid on Glimpses they want to own

Step 3

User can collect, relist, or trade Glimpses

they own

Hint...You can be both!

NFT Glimpse Influencer

Glimpse Ambassadors

Our ambassadors don't just create content - they create the future

Our Platform Token (GLMS)

The GLMS token is an essential part of the Glimpse ecosystem.

Earn rewards for creating content

Earn rewards when you purchase a Glimpse

Stake tokens to earn interest 

Receive discounts on in app purchases

Stake tokens to receive exclusive NFT drops

Users earn GLMS tokens simply by using                 Social Media

Stake tokens to remove all ads - for life!

Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT
Glimpse NFT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain Glimpse in simple terms?

Glimpse is a social media network that utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's). Luckily, you don't need to know anything about NFT's to use our platform! If you can use TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube - you'll be able to use Glimpse just as easily! Glimpse allows people with large followings - think TikTok creators, Instagram Stars, Athletes, Celebrities, Artists etc. to upload pictures or short videos of their life and tokenize it in the form of an NFT. All this means is that this picture/video is 100% unique (only 1 in existence)! With Glimpse, fans and followers can bid on their stars NFT's so they can own a unique moment of their life! Think about going to an athletic event where your favorite player scores the game winning point! Instead of listening to the recap like everyone else, you can bid on the video this athlete uploads to Glimpse where he talks about the intensity and excitement of that moment - and only you will own it! Like artwork - you can display this in your digital collection, re-sell it, or trade it for another NFT in the future!

So is Glimpse like TikTok or is it more like an Ebay?

Glimpse is a social media network more similiar to TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram than it is to a marketplace like Ebay or FB Marketplace where people buy/sell things. But of course, it has elements from both. Like traditional social media platforms, Glimpse users will have a profile, news feed, and be able to find/interact with friends. They will be able to write posts, make comments, share information, follow others, and upload their own content. Like a marketplace, users will also be able to bid on NFT's (tokenized pictures/videos), make their own NFT's, sell NFT's they own, and trade NFT's with other users! So really, Glimpse is a combination of social media and a marketplace!

How can I buy the GLMS token?

You can buy GLMS on PancakeSwap using BNB! Click here!